Our Approach

Ananta Health Care focuses on developing the potential of marginalised women and girls to drive equitable changes through programmes which deliver quality healthcare, inclusive education, gender equitable and sustainable livelihood opportunities and disaster relief and preparedness. Cross-cutting themes like building resilience, inclusive governance and gender transformative change are layered into all the programmes, across each sector.

Our aim is to bring lasting impact at scale by
  • Working with individuals and communities to raise consciousness, self-esteem, confidence, and aspirations to change their world, and provide them the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to do so.
  • Changing relationships to address the inequality that persists in intimate relations, family and social networks, marketplaces, and community or citizen groups. We strive to heal and activate these networks.
  • Strengthening systems to increase the social investment by governments which offers us the opportunity to work closely with systems and multiply impact at scale.

Theory of Change

Our Focus Areas




Disaster Relief

We hope to impact over 100 million people by 2030 through

  • Scaling up and adapting proven models
  • Influencing policy through advocacy
  • Promoting social change
  • Initiating community-centric transformation
  • Mobilising financially sustainable models

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